NAD C375BEE Integrated Amplifier

NAD C375BEE Integrated Amplifier

Trickle Down Masters M3

The C 375BEE is far more than a bigger C 355BEE — in fact, it is much closer in spec to the M3 Integrated Amplifier from NAD's high end Masters Series. It also incorporates an updated version of NAD's "Building Block" concept to make the addition of the PP375 phono module or the MDC DAC USB Digital Analogue Converter and other affordable future upgrades possible.

Local Warranty: 2 Years


S$ 1,920.00

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Product Description

Attention to the most minute detail is evident everywhere, from the heavy gauge steel chassis to the sophisticated power supplies and copper buss bars channeling almost absurd amounts of current to the custom gold plated speaker binding posts.

The C 375BEE boasts many upgrades and refinements taken directly from the highly acclaimed NAD Masters Series M3 Amplifier. These include application of Bjørn Erik Edvardsen's innovative and patented Distortion Canceling Circuit in the output stage and BEE Clamp in the power supply. An improved tone control circuit and revised PCB layout has reduced distortion and noise to unprecedented levels. Taken together, these improvements mark a sharp upturn in performance that simply must be heard, to be fully appreciated!

The C 375BEE is fully remote controlled and comes supplied with the NAD SR 8 system remote control. The remote control features an ergonomic form, with large buttons that are differentiated by shape and position, to make operation intuitive and enjoyable. The SR 8 will also operate many other NAD products such as CD players, tuners, etc.

Flexibility is another NAD strong point. The C 375BEE has 7 line inputs (including 2 tape in/outputs with dubbing facility) and the pre-amplifier section can be separated from the power amplifier for easy upgrades or adding ancillary equipment. Thus the C 375BEE can be expanded to meet future system needs. The C 375BEE sports pre-amp outputs: Many systems benefit from the use of multiple power amplifiers for “Bi-Amping” (using separate power amplifiers to drive the bass and treble section of a loudspeaker). The first Preamp Out includes a level trim control to allow matching of amps or speakers with different sensitivities. Additionally there is a second Preamp Out to connect to powered subwoofer, an increasingly popular option. Another option is to ‘bridge’ the C 375BEE and add the matching C 275BEE (identical except without the preamp and source switching) for one of the most powerful home audio systems you’ll ever encounter. Power goes from 150W x 2 to over 400W x 2!

For remote on/off switching of ancillary components in a system, such as power amplifiers or active speakers, the C 375BEE is equipped with a 12V-trigger system. When switching the amplifier on, the 12V-trigger output is also activated which in turn can activate a 12V-trigger input, switching on the remote devices. Besides the 12V-trigger, the C 375BEE also has rear panel IR in and out.

It is fashionable to omit tone controls nowadays: However, provided that the tone controls are properly designed, they can be really useful tools in making improvements to the overall sound. The C 375BEE tone controls only work at frequency extremes leaving the critical mid-band essentially unaltered. The tone control circuits can be completely bypassed using the tone defeat switch. The C 375BEE also incorporates NAD’s acclaimed switchable “Soft Clipping” circuit, which significantly reduces the risk of damage to loudspeakers due to prolonged high power operation.

Design: PowerDrive™
The C 375BEE also benefits from NAD’s proprietary PowerDrive™ circuit topology, now well established and used throughout the NAD product range. The PowerDrive topology allows the C 375BEE to deliver maximum performance under virtually any circumstance, independent of the loudspeakers it is driving. The circuitry automatically senses the impedance characteristics of the loudspeaker and will then adjust its power supply settings to best cope with that specific load. PowerDrive topology is a practical approach to enable an amplifier to easily deal with musical dynamics and difficult speaker loads. Thus we have the highly desirable characteristics of high dynamic power and low impedance drive capability in one affordable package.

Getting high dynamic power from the power supply to your loudspeaker requires a fast wideband amplifier stage rugged enough to pass and control high peak currents without premature protection intervening. The safe operating limit for the C 375BEE has 4 times the capacity of the typical amplifier in this price range by using 4 pairs of 220W output transistors per channel.

The C 375BEE has the lowest levels of distortion and noise available in its price class and is easily capable of embarrassing far more expensive products. To prove it NAD uses Full Disclosure Power (FDP), the most demanding criteria for performance measurement. FDP specifies distortion under the most extreme conditions of low impedance loads and frequency extremes rather than the simple and easy 1kHz @ 8 Ohms test quoted by many of our competitors. We use this stricter performance criteria because it more closely matches the demands of real music and real loudspeakers. Maintaining specified distortion at 4 Ohms and at

20Hz and 20kHz is several orders of magnitude more difficult to achieve than the simple 8 Ohms and 1kHz test.

NAD also takes a stand against the meaningless “brochure power” touted by many of our competitors by offering Full Disclosure power specs. We specify minimum continuous power, across the entire audible range of frequencies, at rated distortion, for both 8 and 4 Ohms with all channels driven simultaneously. Perhaps even more importantly, we also specify Dynamic Power at 8, 4, and even 2 Ohms, which better describes the way the amplifier will perform in the real world, with musical signals and reactive loudspeaker loads.

Less Distortion = More Music

Noise and distortion mask the fine details of a musical recording robbing musical texture and dimension and replacing them with non-musical artifacts. NAD has spent the last 35 years perfecting our designs to have the lowest distortion and highest power in its price class. This cannot be overstated! Our competitors often rate distortion at only 80% of rated power, and even then can’t match our very conservative spec of 0.009% at any frequency within the range of human hearing. Our noise spec is often 10dB (100 times!) less than that of competing amplifiers. This is far from a trivial difference as fine detail and nuance (micro dynamics) are often obscured by noise in lesser amplifiers, robbing a performance of that illusive sense of‘realism’. Itisthatexcitingfeelingofbeingthereat the live performance.

But even the most carefully reported specs cannot fully describe the sonic performance of an amplifier. Only your own ears can finally judge our achievement. We urge you to listen and compare NAD to other products in its price range, and even higher. We don’t think you’ll find anything that comes close to offering the C 375BEE’s overall musical satisfaction, well-rounded performance, and stellar value for money. 


  • 2 x 150W Continuous Power into 4 Ohms and 8 ohms 
  • 200W, 365W, 500W IHF Dynamic power into 8, 4 and 2 ohms, respectively 
  • PowerDrive™ circuit 
  • NAD SR 8 Full System Remote control 
  • Headphone socket 
  • Front panel Media Player (MP) input for attaching portable MP3 Player 
  • Relay Input Switching 
  • Holmgren Toroidal Power transformer 
  • 7 Line inputs, including two tape in/outs 
  • All discrete circuitry 
  • Class A Voltage Stages (Preamp and Power Amp) 
  • Distortion Canceling Circuit 
  • BEE Anti-saturation Clamp 
  • Short signal path from input to output 
  • All sockets Gold plated 
  • Tone controls defeat switch 
  • Main-amp input & 2 pre-amp outputs 
  • Speaker A + B outputs and switching 
  • Soft Clipping™ 
  • IR Input/Output 
  • 12 volt trigger out 
  • RS-232 serial port 
  • Detachable IEC Power Cable 
  • Optional PP375 MC/MM Phono Module 
  • < 1W Standby Power Consumption 
  • Free of lead and other environmentally dangerous substances

The C 375BEE features two MDC slots in the rear so you can comfortably install both an MDC DAC and the inboard PP375 module. The MDC DAC has a selector switch built into the rear panel that allows you to select the Phono module as required. Some early models of the C 375BEE (prior to serial number H08C375BEEG05870) require a different configuration of adding a DAC by using the outboard NAD DAC 1 instead. We recommend you check with your authorised NAD dealer to find the best option that is suitable for your unit and your needs.


  • Reviews

  • “I was continually impressed by the C 375DAC’s sound, and by its ability to deliver tremendous power when needed, without sacrificing delicacy or accuracy. Across a variety of musical selections, the NAD provided clarity, bass extension, and exceptionally speedy response to dynamic changes. The NAD combines a preamp, power amp, USB DAC, and headphone amp into a reasonably priced package. In fact, it would be easy -- even without going to Ultra Audio levels -- to spend $1599 on any one of those four component categories. Furthermore, the USB DAC -- in some ways an afterthought, as the original MDC module was a phono stage -- doesn’t let down the rest of the amp. Finally, it’s simple to use. I’ve spent more time with home-theater equipment than with audio-only gear, and was pleasantly surprised at how quickly I was up and running with the C 375DAC. None of this would matter if the sound were subpar, but I found it involving, detailed, musical, and versatile. The C 375DAC breathed new life into my speakers, headphones, and recordings. The DAC is a welcome addition that will allow many to forgo the expense of a standalone DAC. As the audio industry seems to be moving toward computer-based playback of hi-rez audio, the NAD C 375DAC should find a place in many listeners’ audio racks.” - Sathyan Sundaram

    Source/Read full review: Soundstageaccess, Oct 2012, NAD C 375DAC Integrated Amplifier-DAC

    "This is a smooth, open amplifier with a warm tonality, backed up by a barrel-chested bass and monstrous power," and thought it "was a lovely listen with a capacious soundstage inside which was plenty of detail, although it's never forced on the listener."

    Source/Read full review: Hi-Fi News, Apr 2012

    "From the get-go, I could hear that this NAD is a very special amplifier – up there in sound quality with the best solid-state. Just don't tell my colleague who wants to recommend something (ahem) more serious. The C375BEE is serious. The Harbeths had bass dynamics and extension I hadn't heard before, including with some amps far more expensive than the NAD – I'm stirring up a hornet's nest here – yet retained their famously sweet, neutral sound… Tonally, the C375BEE was pushing all the right buttons for me. Maybe Marty Borish was right – who needs concert tickets?... The sound was rich and full, with plenty of support in the bass. The Wiener Musikverein sounded like itself (yes, Marina and I have been there), and yet the sound was open, with a light and airy sense of space. Highs were crystalline… I thought the sound of Chung's violin was exquisite – sweet, extended, romantic, with no trace of digital or solid-state harshness… I was even more thrilled by the kettledrums in March Past of the Kitchen Utensils. You can't make this up. Now this is an amp! The C 375BEE at $1299 is a competition crusher.” - Sam Tellig

    Source/Read full review: Stereophile, Oct 2009, Sam Goes NAD

    “It offers some of the best control we've heard at anything like the price. We weren't exactly using the world's easiest speakers, either. The Bowers and Wilkins 803S is a fairly tricky load and needs a firm hand to keep the bass precise, but the 375BEE proves more than ready for the challenge… Bass drum and timpani rarely sound so vivid! There is also a lot to admire and enjoy at more modest volumes. Another break with early high-power NAD amps is in the high degree of neutrality across the midrange. Previously, we've had some limitations about the degree of naturalness in voices, but on this occasion we find it very hard to pick fault in this area. This is accompanied by some excellent resolution of detail, making it very easy to separate the different lines within a multi-layered piece of music. As usual, stereo imaging follows where detail leads, and although we have heard just a shade more image depth (from amps costing considerably more than a grand, mind you) we have hardly heard better imaging stability. In a well-recorded oratorio recording, for instance, we found the placement of the voices absolutely consistent irrespective of the accompaniment behind them. An excellent result. By this point, you're probably waiting for the big 'but'. Frankly, there isn't one… There are some very good amplifiers out there, these days, between £500 and £2,000. The NAD C 375BEE is not by any means the only game in town but it is a very fine amplifier by any reckoning. We used it with some very smart sources and speakers and it never once nodded. We are delighted to recommend it unconditionally.” - Richard Black

    Source/Read full review: Hi Fi Choice (Issue 325), Sep 2009, NAD's latest amplifier successfully bridges the gap between budget and high-end hi-fi

    “…what it gets is what NAD integrated amplifiers have always been so good at—conveying the arc and essence of the music.” - Wayne Garcia

    Source/Read full review: The Absolute Sound, Feb 2011, NAD C356BEE Integrated Amplifier

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    NAD C375BEE Integrated Amplifier

    NAD C375BEE Integrated Amplifier

    Trickle Down Masters M3

    The C 375BEE is far more than a bigger C 355BEE — in fact, it is much closer in spec to the M3 Integrated Amplifier from NAD's high end Masters Series. It also incorporates an updated version of NAD's "Building Block" concept to make the addition of the PP375 phono module or the MDC DAC USB Digital Analogue Converter and other affordable future upgrades possible.

    Local Warranty: 2 Years

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