11 August 2011
The T 757 is an EXC!TE Award Winner
NAD's T 757 is awarded a 2011 CustomRetailer EXC!TE Award!
11 August 2011
Imagine mini Wins EXC!TE Award
Imagine mini is a CustomRetailer's EXC!TE Award Winner!
31 May 2011
TAS Editors Choice Awards 2011
The Absolute Sound, the well-renowned magazine for audiophiles, rewards NAD with a total of six Editors' Choice Awards in select categories. This pile of awards bolsters our reputation for high-performance, high-quality products for music lovers. And it sets us apart as one of the most decorated brands by TAS for 2011! Here's our full list of awards:
14 March 2011
Imagine mini - Best Sound Lowest Price
Four Reviewers from the Absolute Sound rate the PSB Imagine Mini bookshelf speaker as their "Best Sound for the lowest price"
14 March 2011
PSB Image T6 Norwegian Speaker Award
The Image T6 Tower is awarded with a "Years Best Award" from a Norwegian Magazine
14 Feburary 2011
TAS Editors Choice Awards 7 to PSB
Sometimes it's hard to find a PSB Speaker without an award. The Absolute Sounds 2011 Editors' Choice Awards 7 awards to PSB.
13 December 2010
German SubSeries 500 Subwoofer Review
Here is another review, this time a German test of the Sub 500. It appears in two magazines Heimkino (Home Cinema) and Hi-Fi Test. It's a really good review. The Magazines give the SubSeries 500 an Outstanding rating.
03 December 2010
TAS Product of the Year - C 326BEE Integrated Amplifier
TAS Awards the C 326BEE Integrated Amplifier as its Budget Product of the year.
01 December 2010
Stereophile 2010 Best Products
Stereophile's annual Product of the Year issue, December, 2010